Backup and Hosting

Know that your data, your servers, and your environment are safe, secure, and properly maintained around the clock. Do you have a plan? Have you thought about what data loss or downtime would cost your business? Securing your data and having a recovery plan is more essential today than ever. Most businesses are so wrapped up in daily operations or growth strategies that they fail to plan for the worst. We back up your data locally and then we send it to the cloud at whatever frequency you need. When equipment outage or failure happens, your entire environment is pulled from the backup, allowing us to rebuild and get you back to work. We relieve business owners like yourself from the hassles of the tech world. With our vendor management and consulting services, we’ll work with them for you. We ask the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

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On-site Server Management

Like to keep your data close to home? Whether you’re a clinic, small business, attorney, machine shop, or a mechanic. We can handle any application needs with experience managing media, SQL, or Database servers. Any environment, any OS.


Server Hosting

Scared to have a server physically at work? You get peace of mind knowing that we’re hosting your environment on a secure remote server. Especially if you have sensitive files and documents. Don’t worry, your teams and employees will be just as productive working with a remote server as a local one. It’s all hands-off for you.

Backup (Cloud or On-site)

Stop worrying if your data will be there tomorrow. We back up your local environment locally or to the cloud. Whether it’s ransomware or a fire, we’ve got you covered. It’s entirely encrypted and HIPAA compliant; you’ve never been this protected.