Network Support

Do you find yourself having to reboot your router frequently? Do you have limited wifi speed or range? Network assessments conducted by Tempo are typically performed at the start of a new client relationship. We also perform network assessments for existing clients who are due for a change in their technology or are introducing new components. A network assessment provides Tempo with a report of network bottlenecks, complexity, and security. A common mistake in small to medium business networks is the lack of a business grade firewall. Business owners are often unaware of the differences and risks of not having a proper network solution in place. Our audit consultants provide valuable insights for ongoing support and how to maximize a business’s tech investments.

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We have experience with routers, L2 switches, L3 switches, firewalls and VPNs over a broad assortment of equipment including but not limited to Cisco, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Dell, and Fortinet. Don’t lose productivity due to poor or inconsistent network performance or maybe you want your accounting department’s workstations segregated from the rest of your network to protect your billable data. Whatever your needs or equipment, we’ll figure it out.

Wifi Setup / Upgrades

Because we work with so many different brands, we have a solution for every wifi need and budget. Cut the cable, and let’s get you mobile.

VPN / Remote Access

Do you work on the go or have multiple locations? VPNs can help you stay connected wherever you or your staff are at. A Client VPN will allow your laptop to access your office network from a coffee shop. A Site-to-Site VPN can connect two or more locations allowing you to have one unified network.